Product No. 1300D
Electric Latch Release, Cam Lock Dogging
flag_us100% Made in the USA
Cam Lock Dogging


  • Patented.
  • High security, exceeding a 1" dead bolt.
  • Specify for means of egress with access controlled entry.
  • Device includes a dual-voltage (12 VDC or 24 VDC) continuous-duty solenoid to provide remote unlock for entry control.
  • Current of less than 800 ma for 12 VDC or 400 ma for 24 VDC is required to unlock device or to dog it unlocked. Fire rated devices must be powered through contact of a fire-alarm system relay.
  • Automatic re-latching.
  • Cam lock dogging for outside entry.
  • Non-Handed, and easy to install on all types of doors, including 2" narrow stile aluminum.
  • Extends the full width of the door to meet all codes.
  • Outside trim available.
  • Available in US28, 313, & Red Powder Coated.


  • UL certified ANSI/BHMA A156.3-2008, Grade 1
  • UL Listed Panic Hardware
  • Conforms to Positive Pressure Standards UL 10C & UBC 7-2
  • Accepted by NYC MEA 337-92M
  • ADA compliant

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