Product No. 1230F
Fired-Rated, Alarm - Hardwired
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Fired-Rated, Alarm - Hardwired


  • When locked, the patented interlocking latch and strike provide maximum security by forming a grip which can withstand any force, abuse, or jimmying. Mode of failure is shearing of the mounting screws at approximately 2000 lbs.
  • The strike and latch are investment-cast stainless steel heat treated and tempered to Rockwell C 43, having approximate tensile strength of 200,000 P.S.I.
  • The alarm with a penetrating 2,900 HZ sound @ 107 dBA will alert the building owner to an unauthorized exit.
  • Alarm is operated by a 10-26 VDC.
  • Red flashing LED while activated, and an audible signal upon activation.
  • Optional Signal Switches for 'Request to Exit' applications, remote signaling devices, and remote signal during unauthorized egress.
  • Devices are non-handed, and easy to install on all types of doors, including 2" narrow stile aluminum.
  • 36" Devices can be field-cut to 31-1/2" door widths.
  • 48" Devices can be field-cut to 37-1/2" door widths.
  • Available in US28, 313, & Red Powder Coated.


  • UL certified ANSI/BHMA A156.3-2008, Grade 1
  • UL Listed 3 hour Fire Exit Hardware
  • UL Listed Panic Hardware
  • Conforms to Positive Pressure Standards UL 10C & UBC 7-2
  • Accepted by NYC MEA 337-92M
  • ADA Compliant

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