Product No. 860/960/BFB
Universal Automatic Flush Bolt & Bottom Fire Bolt - Metal & Wood Doors
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  • Patented.
  • Tested over 1 Million Cycles.
  • The 860/960 is installed in the top of inactive door.  Opening active door automatically retracts the top bolt.  Closing the active door automatically extends the top bolt into the frame strike, locking inactive door.  The BFB is installed horizontally in the bottom of inactive door with a mating hole in edge of active door.  When subjected to 230°F the BFB projects a bolt, locking leaves together.
  • Packaged as a complete set to be installed in a recessed or flush metal door, or wood door.
  • Non-Handed; low closing force with patented free-floating cam and swivel face to accommodate for beveled doors.
  • Override feature which prevents damage to door or bolt should the bolt head be prevented from entering top strike.
  • Positive high-temperature latch.
  • The Bottom Fire Bolt was designed with more play for misaligned doors.
  • Easier door prep and installation with added stability to the wood door by eliminating the core removal at the corners preventing delamination and or breakage.
  • Engineered to function in high-frequency areas with minimum maintenance.
  • Trim Packages in architectural finishes are available to reduce inventory levels for the 860/960 Universal Automatic Flush Bolt.
  • The BFB Bottom Fire Bolt is available in US32D, 630.


  • UL Listed, No. R7912
  • UL Listed for 3-Hour Fire Rating for use on Metal Doors measuring up to 4' x 9'
  • 20 Minutes Fire Rating for use on Wood Doors measuring up to 4' x 9'
  • UL Certified to ANSI/BHMA 156.3, Grade 1, Type 25
  • Conforms to Positive Pressure Standards UL 10C & UBC 7-2 (1997)

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