860/960 - Single Flush Bolt
862/962 - Set of Flush Bolts
Universal Automatic Flush Bolts - Metal & Wood Doors

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  • Patented.
  • Tested over 1 Million Cycles.
  • Opening active door retracts top and bottom bolts.  Closing active door extends top and bottom bolts into frame and sill strikes, locking inactive door.
  • Packaged as a complete set to be installed in a recessed or flush metal door, or wood door.
  • Non-Handed; it is not necessary to reverse either top or bottom bolt.
  • Low closing force with patented free-floating cams and swivel face to accomodate for beveled doors.
  • Override feature which prevents damage to door or bolts should the bolt heads be prevented from entering top or bottom strike.
  • Positive high-temperature latch.
  • Identical prep of only a latch bolt prep creating a consistent appearance throughout the building.
  • The prep adds stability to the wood door by eliminating the core removal at the corners preventing delamination and or breakage.
  • Engineered to function in high-frequency areas with minimum maintenance.
  • Trim Packages are available to reduce inventory levels.
  • Available in architectural finishes.


  • UL Listed, No. R7912
  • UL Listed for 3-hour Fire Rating for use on Metal Doors measuring up to 4' x 9'
  • UL Listed 1-1/2-hour Fire Rating for use on Wood Doors measuring up to 4' x 9'
  • UL Certified to ANSI/BHMA 156.3, Grade 1, Type 25
  • Conforms to Positive Pressure Standards UL 10C & UBC 7-2

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