Product No. 840/8BFB
Automatic Flush Bolt & Bottom Fire Bolt
flag_us100% Made in the USA


  • The 840-Finish/8BFB is a combination of a top automatic flush bolt and bottom fire bolt.
  • The 8BFB Bottom Fire Bolt eliminates the bottom flush bolt and floor strike.
  • The 8BFB allows for easier door prep and installation.
  • No screws to install the Bottom Fire Bolt.
  • The 8BFB was designed for more play on misaligned doors.
  • A smaller profile making it less noticeable.
  • 840 available in architectural finishes.
  • 8BFB available in 32D.


  • UL Listed, No. R7912
  • 3-Hour Fire Rating for use on Metal Doors measuring up to 4' x 9'
  • Conforms to Positive Pressure Standards UL 10C & UBC 7-2 (1997)

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